Sunday, June 30, 2013

Get your personal portfolio online.

Your career e-portfolio, much like your resume, is a demonstration of your skills, abilities, and achievements as they relate to the type of position you are seeking. Additionally, you can now include text, electronic files, images, multimedia, blog entries, links, audio, and video. Creating a career e-portfolio for a specific job listing can demonstrate your professional capabilities and make you more attractive to employers. It is also a quick way for employers to access your relevant projects and accomplishments.

All of the information provided in your e-portfolio should be employer focused. This means asking, “What can I do for the employer? How can my skills and experience add value to the employer? What skills, attributes, learning, etc. can I demonstrate that can be used in the employer’s environment?”

A career e-portfolio does not replace a resume or cover letter, rather it enhances them, serving as a way to supplement, support and extend the resume into a dynamic profile with actual examples of your work. It gives employers the ability to learn much more about you and the work that you are describing in the resume and cover letter in an instantly accessible, attractive, and concise way.

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Why do you need an online portfolio? Let them tell you why?

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