Sunday, June 30, 2013

Show case your art work with online portfolio

Your career portfolio is a unique opportunity to tell your professional story in vivid detail. Portfolios were once only thought of as tools for writers, designers and artists, now job-seekers in all categories are turning to career portfolios as an opportunity to give potential employers a complete picture of their skills.

Why a Career Portfolio?

Traditional job-hunting tools like resumes, cover letters and even interviews give employers a 2-dimensional view of your skills. A career portfolio opens new ways to view a job-seekers performance and can be used in a variety of ways to:

  • help you prepare for you interview, as you review and reorganize your portfolio to emphasize the job for which you're interviewing.
  • help you give a more dynamic interview by showcasing your talents in more of a presentation form.
  • help you notice "holes" in your experience or skills you can fill with workshops, forums or continuing education.
Unique Benefits of Online Portfolios

If you are making online employment applications, consider the convenience and versatility of an electronic portfolio. There are many online sites that offer updated portfolio services that help you build an online portfolio. Online services allow you to put everything from photos, samples, resumes, blogs, and links to sites you've worked on or submitted to, all at the fingertips of your interviewer.

An online portfolio gives potential employers immediate access to the information you want them to see--even before the interview if need be. It gives them computer access, at any time of day for as long as necessary. The information will never get lost. Potential employers can quickly reference it with others helping with the hiring process and there's no need for you to return to pick up a portfolio you left with them to review.

Why artist should show case their art work with online portfolio?

  • To share their previous artwork with other illustrator and potential customer. By analyst visitor reaction to understand customer requirement.

Justin Maller -

Justin Maller is an Australian freelance illustrator and art director. He has been creating digital art for over twelve years, and has produced professionally in both a private and studio based capacity for the last six. He had show case all of this art work in his online portfolio.

  • Let the pictures and photos do the sales talk
Henning Ludvigsen -

Henning Ludvigsen spawned at mid summer 1975 in the town of Holmestrand in Norway. At 16 he focused his love of art by enrolling in a traditional art school. Graduating two years later he joined the world of advertising and after only 9 years had reached the position of Art Director in a medium sized advertising agency. From his online portfolio, you will know how good his drawing skill, that how he manage to draw for Warhammer and Start Wars card game.

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