Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why Engineer need online portfolio?

The Advantages of Creating an Employment Portfolio

An employment portfolio is an organized collection of documents that demonstrate your work history, skills and talents. It can be sent digitally or shown in a bound hard copy at an interview to support your abilities to a potential employer. An employment portfolio is especially beneficial for a job that requires several years of experience in the field or work history features that can be represented visually, such as publication or experience with design software.

But why Engineer need online portfolio?

One of the main reason is "A picture is worth a thousand words". Most of the time, headhunter or HR personal does not have the in depth knowledge about a technology. By reading the the word format resume, will not be able to impress them easily. So a picture will help a lot in this situation.

Here is the example:

Steven Keating -

He had show case his research and project in his online portfolio. By looking at the picture, visitor will be able to understand his project easily.

Erica Miller -

Erica Miller's online portfolio is another good example which utilize the multimedia power of the online portfolio. From his site, not only have the picture of his electronic projects, he even have a video about this final project which built a traction control unit for an RC car.

Raul Tamas -

Raul Tamas is a certified Audio engineer with passion for Music. The landing page of his is flash which let visitor to adjust Amplitude, Bandwidth and Wavelength to reflect the effect at the music wording.

Kunal Prasad -

Kunal Prasad has a fun online portfolio.This online portfolio fully show case his web programming skill set.For web designer, this is a good example.

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